Friday, 9 June 2017

Next Event: Moorland Wildlife Walk, Whetstone Gate, Rombalds Moor - 10:30am Sunday 11th June 2017

Our next event is a Moorland Wildlife Walk from 10:30am on Sunday 11th June. This promises to be a really interesting event, as we set out over the moors to look for the highly specialised birds, insects and plants that live there. We had a great time when we visited the moor last year. and the year before.

We're sure to see Red Grouse, and we'll be looking for specialist moorland songbirds such as Stonechat, Meadow Pipit and Wheatear, and waders like Golden Plover, Curlew, Redshank, and Snipe. The moors also attract birds of prey like Buzzards and Red Kites, as well as Short-eared Owls.

Red Grouse


Red Kite

We'll also be learning about the fascinating ecology of moorlands, looking for Green Hairstreak butterflies, and having a bracing walk too! The event should take around two hours.

Meeting Place

We'll meet for 10:30am at Whetstone Gate (also known as Keighley Gate), on Rombalds Moor (Grid Ref: SE 10161 45330). This is on Ilkley Road, going north towards Ilkley from West Morton. There is a small area for cars by the roadside, near to a small radio mast on the hilltop. The nearest postcode is BD20 5RD, but please note this postcode covers all of Ilkley Road.

The orange arrow points to the meeting place at Whetstone Gate (Grid Ref: SE 10161 45330).

 A closer view of the meeting place at Whetstone Gate (Grid Ref: SE 10161 45330).

The Airedale Otters leaders will be on site well before the start of the event and will place yellow direction arrows on Ilkley Road, so we'll be easy to find. Please contact us 07748 192 342 or if you need further information.

As always, please wear clothing suitable for the event. The weather on the moors can be very changeable, and it's generally a few degrees cooler than down in the town. There are likely to be wet areas underfoot, even after long dry spells of weather.

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