Thursday, 23 June 2011

Denso Marston Nature Reserve, Baildon - Saturday 2nd July 2011

 Peacock Butterfly at Denso Marston Nature Reserve (photo: Paul Marfell)

We had a fantastic day at Denso Marston Nature Reserve. We found loads of really interesting wildlife – and the weather was brilliant too! Thanks to all the Otters who joined in with the pond dipping, bug hunting and wild flower finding.

I think special thanks must go to the YWT Bingley Watch group, who arranged the event, and to the warden of Denso-Marston Nature Reserve, Steve Warrillow.

Our highlights were the young newts we found in the pond, the dragonfly cases on the reed stems, the lovely Ringlet butterfly, and finding over 50 plants on the reserve! Let us know your highlights by posting a comment below.

Directions to Denso Marston Nature Reserve
Enter from the footpath on Otley Road (the road that leads up to Hollins Hill) across the road from the white wooden St James’ Church. There is a layby opposite the footpath for parking.
Please see the map below.

Click here for more details on how to reach the reserve on foot or by public transport.

Although appropriate gates are provided to allow wheelchair access into the reserve, the rough river path and gradual riverbank erosion can present problems.

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