Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Building Nestboxes at Bracken Hall - Sunday 15th January 1pm

Thank you for such a great turnout at our nestbox workshop at Bracken Hall. We hope you enjoyed making the nestboxes and are as excited as we are about what we might be able to do to help Pied Flycatchers in the area.

One of the nestboxes made by an Airedale Otter!

This was the first of two events which are our very first conservation project. We will place these nestboxes in a small private woodland near Harden on 5th February.

Our project is an exciting one with our aim being to help attract Pied Flycatchers to this small woodland. Pied Flycatchers already breed in nearby St Ives so there is a good chance that we can help them to spread across a wider area. Even if our nest boxes aren't used by Pied Flycatchers, they will probably help other species like Blue Tit or Great Tit.

 Pied Flycatcher (photo Stephen Lilley)

We numbered each nest box and registered the name of its Airedale Otters builder, so we'll be able to tell how each box got on! Once the first breeding season is over, we will come back to the woods as a group to open up the boxes and see what types of nests are inside.

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