Friday, 1 June 2012

Rodley Nature Reserve Springwatch - Saturday 9th June

We had a great turn out for our early morning visit to Rodley Nature Reserve for their fantastic Springwatch event.

First, we went to see what had been caught in the moth traps overnight. Amongst many interesting moths, we saw a fantastic Poplar Hawk Moth; there was also the even more impressive Elephant Hawk Moth, which was brown and bright pink!

Poplar Hawk Moth

We then set off on a mammal walk around the reserve with reserve volunteer Maxine. The reserve staff had baited and set 20 traps the night before our visit, and 16 of the traps contained mammals - a great result. These were bank voles and wood mice, both male and female. It was a real treat to get a really good look at these nocturnal animals. Each mammal was then released back into the wild unharmed.

Maxine inspects one to the mammal traps

It's a Bank Vole!

Next, we had great fun making dragonflies from pipe cleaners supplied by the British Dragonfly Society, which was apparently more successful than Andy's Christmas pom-pom robins!

Rodley Nature Reserve has several dragonfly ponds, and some of our group went to see what dragonflies & damselflies they could find, while the rest went for a well earned cup of tea!

Thank you to all the Otters and parents who joined us - well worth it!

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